DeFi’s Modular
Auction Protocol

Axis is the permissionless infrastructure layer that enables developers to build auction-driven applications.


Modules are smart contracts that define various auction types and token derivatives. These modules can be combined to create tailored auction applications.

Auction Module

EMP Auction

Encrypted Marginal Price (EMP) auctions allocate tokens to the highest bidders, with the clearing price set by the last successful bid to be filled. Users place private and encrypted bids, eliminating PvP dynamics of other solutions and enabling superior price discovery.


This auction type is accessible to all participants, who can bid as much as they like at their true price estimate.


Not all bidders are guaranteed to win. Tokens are allocated in order of price and bidders below the clearing price receive a refund.

Auction Module


Selling tokens at a fixed-price is a common strategy for tokens that lack liquid markets, such as vesting tokens. Sellers can gauge demand using this format but receive limited information about the configured price.


While they appear accessible, fixed-price sales create race conditions when used for tokens in high demand. This limits accessibility to users who pay in their time and attention to be first to the sale.


The fixed-price format guarantees participation for users who are able to access the sale in time. With this format, it pays to be early!

Auction Module


Derivative Module


Vesting refers to the programmatic issuance of tokens over time. Axis uses derivative modules which allow sellers to add custom vesting terms to any token being sold.

Linear Vesting

Axis uses the ERC6909 multi-token standard to tokenize linear vesting positions. An optional ERC20 wrapper can be enabled for vesting tokens with the same configuration to enable fungible token integrations.

Custom Vesting

Axis' modularity makes adding new vesting modules a breeze. Reach out in the community to inquire about custom vesting modules or integrations. Experienced developers can review our documentation and propose new modules to add to the protocol.

Derivative Module



Axis auctions have configurable callbacks and allowlists, which enable advanced auction features. Sellers can automatically and transparently make use of their auction revenue or gate auctions to a curated list of participants.


Advanced functions that augment auction behavior when certain conditions are met or when specific actions occur.


Enables sellers to gate access to a specific group of participants, such as early adopters or community members.


Whether you’re a seasoned builder that wants to curate token launches or a DeFi power user that wants to become an evangelist, there’s a place for you at Axis.


Set your fee, connect with sellers, and curate auctions. By giving your public support and vouching for an auction, a percentage of the payout tokens can be earned.


Configure a ref link, share with others, and earn a share of an auction’s proceeds. The higher the value driven to an auction, the more a referrer earns.


Axis is backed by the best and built for the best.